Our Pilates Instructors
Be assured that you are in safe hands with fully certified Pilates instructors.

Kamran Bedi has over a decade of teaching experience.

Working with dancers in various dance disciplines, his understanding of body movement is reflected in his sessions, which are never mechanical or routine. His passion for Pilates began during his years as a dancer and he is now developing his own unique style. Kamran has experience in training fit healthy dancers, athletes and regular bodies. He is successful in working with back and disc injuries and has experience with pre and postnatal women. Kamran has the ability to deliver clear and precise instructions and his clients have received amazing results from their Pilates work.

"I definitely feel stronger in my legs and my core. My back never gives me trouble anymore. I also feel aerobically fitter than I used to. I feel that the instruction is excellent, always clear and I can’t imagine having a better Pilates instructor than Kamran!"
Heather, London